A Better Way.


In traditional private practice settings, audiology and speech-language pathology services are typically experienced as stand-alone entities; even though their services are complementary and often required by clients simultaneously. That said, Metro Hearing & Speech is the first Centre of it’s kind in Atlantic Canada to offer speech and audiology services under the same roof as part of a shared effort to accelerate client success.

Walk into our Centre and immediately you notice two things; the warm and inviting atmosphere, and the down-to-earth passion of our specialists. We make the time to help, listen, find solutions and develop strategies – and believe it’s important to create an environment where clients feel comfortable sharing and learning with our team.

As private practice professionals we wake up everyday with one purpose in mind – to remove obstacles that create unnecessary delays or frustration.



What Matters Most.


We believe clients are best served when they're part of a community.

When like-minded people come together with a shared purpose and passion – great things tend to happen. Like you, we've experienced frustration in our lives, invested time and energy looking for answers – and at times even felt alone or somewhat helpless.

It's that awareness and understanding when it comes to audiology and speech related challenges that push us to think differently. Our greatest success stories are anchored in our ability to empower action and provide people with unexpected options.

From where we sit, the first step starts with a conversation.



Advanced Technology.


We can't afford to stop learning.

The more we research the better able we are to understand and deliver evidence-based solutions that are proven to work. As a part of that commitment we advocate and use state of the art equipment and practices when it comes to auditory and speech and language assessment techniques and solutions.

Below are a just a few examples of the advanced and interactive technology we employ:



ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY - Speech Language Pathology

Visi Pitch IV System

Visi Pitch IV is a comprehensive computerized system that provides our Speech Language Pathologist with an impressive array of methods to assess and treat clients in areas associated with:

Voice problems
Motor Speech Problems
Articulation training
Fluency (stuttering)
Hearing Impaired Speech
Accent Reduction


Observation Room

Metro Hearing & Speech Centre's leading edge facility includes a unique floor plan designed specifically for the needs of its speech language pathology and audiology clients. Our observation room allows parents and significant others to stay involved in the process during speech and language assessments, and therapy sessions so that they are better equipped to help with remediation strategies, or home work that may be recommended by the Speech Language Pathologist.


iPads & Interactive Media

Metro Hearing & Speech Centre employs the use of iPads and other interactive media to provide a more engaging way for clients to learn new information and skills. For example, Apps are now available for speech language assessment, therapy and auditory training - and with proper guidance can assist in accelerating the success of patients.


Sound Suite

The majority of audiology tests are extremely sensitive to outside noise levels and must be conducted in a quiet, noise controlled room to be accurate. All sound sensitive audiology and hearing tests at Metro Hearing & Speech Centre are conducted in a state of the art Sound Suite, completely customized with large windows for visibility, and a wheel chair ramp for comfort and access.

Although a traditional sound booth can be used effectively, a Sound Suite is the preferred choice by university audiology clinics, research facilities, hospitals and other environments where absolute control over outside noise is necessary. For example, in some countries, applications for military hearing loss claims are only accepted if they are conducted by a licensed audiologist, inside a Sound Suite.

Unlike a sound booth, where only the client sits in a sound proof environment – a Sound Suite allows both the client and audiologist to work in a sound proof environment with the ability to see and communicate with each other. The client sits in one room and the audiologist conducting the hearing tests in another room.


Audiology Consultation Room

We believe success is accelerated when we make time to share knowledge and have conversations with clients and family members that increase understanding. In that spirit, we designed our audiology consultation room as a relaxed and modern environment where we can chat and present information using large video screens, interactive technology to make learning more interesting, engaging and beneficial for everyone.


The Titan

The Titan (by Interacoustics) is a one-of-a-kind device that allows the audiologist to quickly conduct a variety of basic and advanced tests with a modular hand held device.

For example, the Titan can perform Otoacoustic Omissions (OAE) Testing, a test that measures the functioning of the extremely tiny outer hair cells found in our inner ear. OAE testing can be more sensitive to changes in our hearing compared to a traditional hearing test. Wide Band Tympanometry testing can also be conducted using the Titan and provides us with better information when evaluating middle ear function and certain types of hearing loss. The Titan is software based so it can be easily updated whenever there are advancements in audiology testing research.


Two Channel Audiometer

Metro Hearing & Speech uses an AC40, an advanced two channel audiometer which makes it possible for our audiologist to conduct both basic hearing tests and more specialized testing for Auditory Processing Testing and Tinnitus. The AC40 audiometer is often found in University Audiology Clinics and Research Labs because of its wide range of advanced diagnostic and research applications.


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